Generous Foundations

The Ottawa Food Bank is very grateful for the generous assistance provided by the many individual, family and community Foundations who support our vision of seeing that no one goes hungry in the Ottawa area.  Their ongoing commitment to our cause has helped us to create and sustain many key Ottawa Food Bank hunger relief programs, including KickStart, KNOWhunger! Community Harvest, and the Baby Supply Cupboard. Multiple foundations also made it possible for the Ottawa Food Bank to expand the warehouse space in 2012 to allow for more space to keep up with demand.

Harold Crabtree Foundation

The generosity of the Harold Crabtree Foundation has played a significant role in the success of our KNOWhunger! education program and the organization continues to support this important program each year. KnowHunger! is continuing to help us generate awareness and understanding of hunger and its impact and is motivating our community and its members to get involved in the fight.

BMO Employee Charitable Foundation

Thanks to the support provided by the Ottawa BMO team we were able purchase a much needed lift pallet truck to help us better manage the 14 tons of food that is currently being distributed from our warehouse to our 140 member agencies and in turn the 45,000 beneficiaries they help each month.

Community Foundation of Ottawa

The Community Foundation has been a generous supporter of the Ottawa Food Bank and its programs.  The Foundation has helped us purchase farming equipment in support of our Community Harvest program that engages volunteers and the local agricultural sector in solutions that provide a greater quantity and variety of fresh, nutritious local produce to our neighbors in need. As well the organization  recently  helped  us  purchase  much needed equipment in support of our warehouse expansion and improvement program.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Our friends at the TD Foundation provided us with funds that helped with the purchase of additional gardening tools, harvesting equipment and related items to ensure that our committed Community Harvest volunteers, who dedicate countless hours of program support, have the proper tools to help with outdoor activities including; preparing garden beds, planting seeds, weeding, thinning, harvesting, gleaning and picking/packing produce.

Carrot Cache Community Resource Inc.

Carrot Cache recently provided funding assistance to help us purchase much needed equipment to support our Community Harvest Program and increase our capacity to grow produce at growing projects across the city.  Our new hydraulic operated weeder will help Ottawa Food Bank volunteers and staff prepare for upcoming Fall harvesting activities as well as soil preparation for the growing season.

The Danbe Foundation

The Danbe Foundation provided funding assistance towards much needed materials and equipment for our newly expanded Ottawa Food Bank warehouse space.  Thanks to Danbe and other community partners we’ve been able to purchase new equipment without tapping into our core funding.

GreenShield Canada Foundation

GreenShield’s ongoing support to our KickStart School Breakfast and After School Snack program has helped us to continue to provide a variety of nutritious meals and snacks to a growing number of disadvantaged school aged children in the Ottawa area giving them every opportunity to focus on learning and having fun and not feel distracted by an empty stomach. As well, funding enabled us to address the steadily rising cost of fuel associated with our donated refrigerated KickStart delivery truck that delivers these food items daily.

Harry P. Ward Foundation

The Harry P. Ward Foundation has provided ongoing funding to help us purchase baby food, cereal, diapers and formula for our Baby Supply Cupboard program. With their assistance the Ottawa Food Bank is better able to provide proper nutrition for the healthy development of infants and relieve some of the pressure on care-givers who, in struggling to feed and clothe their babies, may be forced to sacrifice their own nutritional needs.