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The Ottawa Food Bank is dedicated to fighting hunger in the Ottawa region. Our mandate is location specific, which allows us to create local solutions that help those in need. To help those in our community, we have to understand what’s unique to Ottawa. Take a look at these local resources to learn more about food and problems that are unique to Ottawa.

City of Ottawa

The Ottawa Public Health website has a wealth of great resources. From quick meal ideas, to how to feed your babies and toddlers, and where to find nutrition and food services in Ottawa. Check out all of their articles about healthy eating with an emphasis on life in Ottawa.

Everybody’s Food Budget

Ottawa Public Health has created a booklet designed to help you shop smart and save money. Everybody’s Food Budget includes a Canada’s Food Guide, a sample shopping list, budget tips, and recipes. Download your copy here.

Recipes from Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health has provided the Ottawa Food Bank with a number of useful and delicious recipes. These helpful recipes can be used to make more with the basic ingredients you may find in your cupboard. Some of these dishes are great to store in your fridge or freezer to make meals last over a number of days. Enjoy!

Please note that some of the included ingredients are optional (mainly spices) as they may not be readily available to all.

English French
Apple Muffins Muffins aux pommes
Applesauce Compote de pommes
Brown Rice Riz brun
Corn Chowder Chaudrée de maïs
Crunchy Peanut Butter Boat Bateau au beurre d’arachide croquant
Easy Vegetable Soup for Two Soupe aux légumes pour deux
Hummus Dip Le meilleur houmous
Mac and Cheese Macaroni au fromage
Tuna Mini Sandwiches Mini-sandwichs au thon
Vegetarian Chili Chili végétarien
White Rice Riz Blanc

The Price of Eating Well
Ottawa Public Health has looked into the change in price for selected items in a Nutritious Food Basket over the last year. It is getting more and more expensive for a individuals and families to eat well. Read more >>

Dr. Kamila Premji

Dr. Premji, a doctor in Ottawa, writes about hunger and its effects on various demographics as well as the impact it can have on someone’s mental health.

Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is the national charitable organization representing and supporting the food banking community across Canada. Below are some helpful fact sheets provided by Food Banks Canada to help families and individuals on a budget.

Nutrition and Your Family: Basic nutrition information to help you and your family eat healthy.

Planning Healthy Family Meals: Making meals when you have a tight budget can be tough. These meal planning and shopping tips will help you to organize and prepare meals for your family.

Doing More With Less: Staying within a limited budget when planning healthy family meals can be a challenge! Read on for ideas on how to eat well even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on food.